Ah’m on Bandcamp

There once was a site called TEFOSAV that my younger self contributed music to in the dark days before making games sucked my time from me. TEFOSAV is in the throes of being resurrected, and as part of the process I’ve put some of my earlier output online to sanity check our publishing process, you can have a listen on Bandcamp and give me some feedback. Have a look here, http://funcrandm.bandcamp.com/.

TaskFactory Update Q1-2012

Time creeps inexorably onwards, and we as mortals move ever closer to our final entropic end, so like Buckminster Fuller I’m pushing towards enjoying and doing as much in life as my personality and background is capable of… My TaskFactory pattern (I’m a C++ programmer btw) contains a list of items I’d like to finish before the years end and Apophosis hits the planet, or the Sun eats us or George Lucas loses it and kills all the humans after he finally wakes up and realises what the prequels are actually like (“Jar Jar!!! NooooOOOO!!!”) This has been foretold by the Mayans and backed up by teh Internets so it must come to pass. In my case, terminal fecundity may also start to take its toll over the next 10 years, so another thing to add to my list of woe.

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Homeopath sues blogger after Cancer patient dies

Originally tweeted by Ben Goldacre, a cancer patient that was seeing a homeopath who claimed they would cure them suffered metastasis and a terminal prognosis and posted an open letter online. The homeopath took it quite badly and is attempting to get a blogger that posted about the aftermath to take down any links to the case. The original post by the patient can be found here. Have a read of the case here: