Bloc.2012, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Queues

It was the afternoon in London and the excitement was palpable. Amongst the besuited office workers winding their slow way home on the DLR were a smattering of ravers humming with anticipation at the prospect of a night of booze, electronics and disco biscuits. That smattering grew to a deluge, as ravers started pouring through Bank and the DLR to be dumped outside The London Pleasure Gardens for Bloc Weekend 2012. The afternoon started well, but culminated in the Bloc.2012 festival being closed, the Police being called in to evacuate people from the site and talk of recrimination and bankruptcy.

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Frightfest 2012 Preview

Tickets for Frightfest 2012 are now on sale, and the list of films has been announced. This year sees the festival in the Empire cinema on Leicester square spread over three screens, with a Rediscovery screen showing some old classics, the Discovery screen for breakthrough films and the Main screen beaming the year’s horror highlights direct into the neo-cortex of the attending midnight movie maniacs.

With so many films showing over the weekend, selecting a few to watch can be a daunting process. This post aggregates them in BOSS-ATTACK mode to help you make your choice. Please be warned, Frightfest is an 18+ horror film festival, the trailers here are not for the faint-hearted.

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