Frightfest 2013 Trailer Boss Attack

Frightfest is here again, with its 14th incarnation, Frightfest 2013! For your delectation are the films for this years festival in full Boss-Attack mode with attached trailers and extra information where available. From the film list, it looks like its going to be a good batch of movies!

Some forewarning, Frightfest is a horror movie festival, the trailers are full of gore and plenty of spoilers… don’t watch if you aren’t inclined towards either of these…

UPDATE1: Added films from the full frightfest timetable. Looking back over the listings, this looks like one of the best lineups at the festival in years.
UPDATE2: Added a newer Big Bad Wolves spot and a trailer for I Spit On You Grave 2 sourced by Atari from the Frightfest forums.
UPDATE3: Added trailers for Banshee Chapter and Haunter.

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Amazon Launches AutoRip Service

Amazon have a new AutoRip service which allows you to download 256k MP3s of any eligible music you bought from Amazon. I woke up this morning, and all the music from CD/Vinyl I’ve bought from them for the last few years is now available in their CloudPlayer.

Its an interesting service, and you can import up to 250 songs bought outside of Amazon for free (anything more than that costs $24-ish a year) as well as anything bought through Amazon is automatically added to the CloudPlayer without extra charge. Its going to be interesting to see how this fares against Rdio and Spotify.

Pandoras Promise The Movie

It looks likely at the moment that Nuclear power is our future as wind-power/tidal/solar aren’t going to cut it as a replacement for fossil fuels without having some un-expected side effects in our environment. Check out what the Norwegians are doing here. Thorium has some interesting properties which make it more likely that it will be used as the go-to fuel of choice in the future, there is a nice article on Wikipedia which covers the important points.

My only worry is that the output of the reactor will still contain radioactive Uranium233 and some Uranium232 (U232 kicks out hard gamma radiation) as a result of the Thorium fuel cycle, so there is still a problem if waste makes it into the environment. There exists the possibility that certain governments may turn a blind eye to sub-standard waste sintering/disposal from large companies that end up running Thorium reactors.

World War Z @The Lounge

So World War Z… a brief review; a handful of amazing set pieces but nothing much like the book. Unfortunately again spoilt by the trailer which gives away too much, its a nice interpretation of zombie infection, but the film has a weird ending and finishes up a bit mediocre with some outstanding scenes.

More impressed with The Lounge that we saw the film at. It was during the day so we were the only ones in the cinema, really nice setup with ace seats and someone to come and serve you food at your chair. I imagine the cost of running the place is quite high and the ticket price isn’t so much more than normal so they must be relying on extra food sales and filling the small lounges on weekends. Its an interesting experiment for Odeon and it will be good to see if the value-added proposition makes them any profit in the long term.