BaadFood Comic Interior Cover and Pages 2 and 3

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings… Part 2

Here then, lies Part 2, of a collection of musings, spurred on from completing a Kickstarter project for a new Indie comic, BaadFood (which today, you can purchase as a physical copy on Etsy, or digitally through ComiXology

This post continues looking at tasks that you can do before starting the Kickstarter to improve your chance of funding.

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BaadFood Comic Interior Cover and Page 1

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings… Part 1

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail” was the mantra which slowly burrowed its way through my subconscious with the horse power of a Eurotunnel excavator. I had been close to getting the final artwork in place to release BaadFood Issue 1 (which today, you can get a physical copy from Etsy if you so please, or digitally through ComiXology and my first Kickstarter campaign was slowly coalescing from digital fragments spread across various devices, spreadsheets, textfiles, images, music and a video which outlined what it was that would be done.

Here captured, across multiple posts, lay varied musings from this completed project which readers may find helpful in running their own Comics based Kickstarter.

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