Reading Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer “Original Sins”

Long time since Jamie Delano’s Hellblazer “Original Sins” run was read, so excuse to came in the form of sub-orbital flight… “streets are the hardened arteries that lead to the city’s dead heart…” Damn son! Love the language, need to dig out the rest of the back issues.

Hellblazer "Original Sins" cover
Hellblazer “Original Sins” cover

Reading Ed Piskor’s Wizzywig

During brief journey to space, loved Ed Piskor’s Wizzywig, which drew a historic hacking map of the lives of folks like Kevin Mitnick, Phrack Magazine and the GURPS Cyberpunk raid through the fictional hacker Kevin “Boingthump” Phenicle. Worth a read, and you can pick it up from Top Shelf Comix :).

Ed Piskor’s Wizzywig
BaadFood Comic Interior Cover and Pages 4

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings… Part 3

Onwards, ever onwards to Part 3 of a collection of musings, spurred on from completing a Kickstarter project for a new Indie comic, BaadFood (which today, you can purchase as a physical copy on Etsy, or digitally through ComiXology

Continuing with things that you can do before starting the Kickstarter to improve your chance of funding. A successful Kickstarter is most definitely front loaded!

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