Frightfest 2014 Trailer Boss Attack – Main Screen Films

As the sun rose on a muggy June morning and the horror loving inhabitants of the Frightfest queue started packing their various portable lawn chairs and polyester sleeping bags away, a sombre and tired figure shambled his way zombie-like into the morass of yawning bodies. Somehow the being dragged himself from a torpid crypt to thread a black conveyance across the early morning macadam, often repeating a thought that had long become a compulsion… “ticketttsss.”

The entity found himself briefly perplexed upon seeing the expected multitude of fellow cinema goers wrapped in a different configuration around Leicester Square. As the coffee that powered him began to course it’s way through tired arteries, the random synaptic firings that another time might see him post a snarky comment on twitter resolved into a concrete memory that indeed Frightfest was to be screened at the Vue Leicester Square this year so all was well with the world. After an indeterminate amount of time, the column of people was slowly swallowed by the theatre, and eventually the shape, more caffeine than human, stumbled back into the light, roaring at the brightening sky and waving captured tokens to the gods that would open the illusory gates of hell for another year.

Beware fair creatures, for these are the trailers to the films that this thing with the vaguest shape of a person rose from a moss covered cyclopean sarcophagus to live and breathe a number of months hence. We have enumerated them here so you are forewarned when you encounter it, for this being exists in your midst. Proceed with caution, for the photons and noises that excite it are not for the faint of heart and may contain what the more modern or labile of your species would call “spoilers”.

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Digesting Comics June 2014

First post in almost five months. This year has been super frantic, only barely managed to make it to London ComicCon in May and found myself in comic shops on a few occasions where the confluence of cash plus merchandise allowed me to pick up some great new comics over the last few months…

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Holiday Reading Summer 2013

Summer is almost over and after an end-of-season sojourn in Corfu to soak up our brief allotment of solar rays, I find myself back in Blighty a little less pasty and having consumed a few more books. I’ve been trying to travel light and stick with carry on only when travelling, having one bag is much easier for flying but is an official pain if you don’t want to use a Kindle or other eReader. That aside, there were a few books from those I carried across that I’m recommending:

  • The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. This has been in my reading box for a year or so and finally managed to get through it. Very interesting sci-fi thriller set in a post-oil world. Loved the look at Thai culture dealing with the influx of destructive genetic modifications to their biomass. Definitely worth reading, and I can see why it was so well received.
  • The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. From the author of No Logo, shows the direction the military industrial complex has moved in with Disaster Capitalism ruling the roost across our culture for the last few years. Enumerates how Hayek and Friedman were used as tools to hollow out and take over the world. This is our unfortunate present and whilst not really a holiday read should be a standard text for everyone.
  • Divine Invasion by Philip K Dick written after the author started seeing visions and drills into his belief system centred on an intuition of life as a simulation and contact with an intelligent computer entity VALIS. This system tied his waking dreams into some odd Gnostic and Abrahamic visions of God. The story reads like an unmedicated schizophrenic let loose with a typewriter, captivating prose but uncomfortable when you realise the state the author was in when he wrote it. Check out some info on Philip