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My Own Private Audit Trail…

When I was a child I felt that I had a mind like a steel trap, any fact that made it through my conscious barrier would be there forever. I took no photos since my memory would suffice, and taking photos was too invasive anyway… As I grew older I realised that rather like someone suggesting that 640 KB would be enough memory for anyone my younger self had failed to comprehend the sheer amount of data that would pass through my grey matter during my working life. As a computer professional I can honestly say that I have not stopped learning since I was even younger than the young self above, with new code, facts, problems and processes presenting themselves quite literally every day.

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Setting Up MediaWiki On A Windows Machine… Part 1

Have you ever encountered this; You’ve spent some time analysing a problem or investigating an issue and want the process you took or the results of the analysis available in a searchable form at a later date. You might have initially saved the input/output of your work in a series of text files which have grown over time making it more difficult to find a specific piece of information and/or increased the workload for backing up your data? Perhaps its time you installed a Wiki.

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The importance of data backup…

I’ve been pretty aggressive about backing up data, labelling things and having off-site backup etc. Unfortunately it looks like I lost a load of work I did on a flash 3d renderer that I wrote in 2007. The harddrive went down and it looks like somehow I didn’t back up any of it, possibly down to some brain glitch as I was working on the flash script. It looks like everything I did around the same time, including a mix cd that I did some scratching on has vapourised (although a mate of mine Karch might have a copy still, so I should be able to get it back off him…)

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Setting up Hg on a Windows machine… Part 2

I thought I’d look at securing Hg through Abyss, turning on pushing and pulling through security and what it takes to sort out a backup.  I wanted to look at CVS and SVN which I’ll leave for another time.

This post is the second part, to see the first part go here.

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Setting up Hg on a Windows machine… Part 1

Like most programmers I have a workflow that allows me to type code at one end, and a seamless, bugfree application will pop out of the other ;).  Some part of the workflow invariably involves the use of Source Control Software, which at a minimum allows me to store away a versioned list of work so if something untoward should happen to my workstation my code and resources are at least retrievable in one form or another.

Over the years I have used many Source Control systems, the most recent CVS/SVN, and have issues with most of them (a subject of another blog…) but in 2010 a tool forced its way into my workflow… Mercurial (Hg).  This is part one of my adventure in getting this running on windows.

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