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Artists Who Get Paid Don’t Truly Care About The Project

Strange thoughts courtesy of Jeremy Holt a while ago that started a conversation centred on whether paying comic artists upfront for a project would actually reduce their commitment to said project.

Seems slightly wrong-headed to me, and smacks of the mentality peddled by some in the games industry that devs should makes games for the love of the art, whilst those same pedlars were bathing in the lucre wrung from the hard work of the possibly naive but technically gifted developers…

Many cogent comments and thoughts can be found here.

Digesting Comics June 2013

I’ve been getting into sourcing floppies recently from the ladies and gentlemen at one of my favourite graphic art emporiums, Mega City Comics. Its difficult to find the time to pick up issues in person, but the wealth of interesting new material being released at the moment makes it worth the effort. Some of my picks…

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Reading All Star Superman

Just finished All-Star Superman after getting a hat-tip from Comicbookgirl19 in the attached review. I’ve picked up all of Grant Morrison’s uniquely penned content generated since Zenith Phase I in 2000ad, and decided to check this series out when it was mentioned in the same breath as Red Son, one of the few Superman stories I’ve encountered and enjoyed. Morrison portrays Kal-El as he should be, a loving guardian that gives everything he has to preserve and protect life, exploring his motivations and making explicit his link with mythical archetypes by giving him a Herculean task to undertake.

In the past I’ve found it difficult to take Superman seriously as it read like a teenage power fantasy, but over the twelve issue series the writer has developed the hero and his surrounding family into more than mere Deus Ex cyphers. With interestingly fleshed out characters, I can strongly recommend the collected works to people that might have enjoyed the Invisibles and want to get into the Man of Steel.