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Tatami Galaxy trailer

Currently working my way through the first season of the Tatami Galaxy anime series. Like a demented Groundhog Day, the main character known only as I (watashi…) tries to make something of his time at University and is lead astray by a demonically visaged Ozu before being forced to relive college life with slight variations across the series. The language flows at a machine gun pace as the show delivers some of the most unique visuals I’ve had the chance to see in anime in many years. Enjoying the small number of episodes that they created, and will try and source some of the other material Madhouse have been releasing to DVD.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Trailer

My current favourite Anime TV series, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, shares the same characters as the Ghost In The Shell Manga but warped through a Heisenberg uncertainty filter whose waveform collapsed at some other juncture than the 1995 movie. Created by Production I.G., the quality was better than most Manga films released at a similar time and due to the serial nature could cover themes touched upon in the original, such as what it means to be a human, in much more depth.

Frightfest 2013 Trailer Boss Attack

Frightfest is here again, with its 14th incarnation, Frightfest 2013! For your delectation are the films for this years festival in full Boss-Attack mode with attached trailers and extra information where available. From the film list, it looks like its going to be a good batch of movies!

Some forewarning, Frightfest is a horror movie festival, the trailers are full of gore and plenty of spoilers… don’t watch if you aren’t inclined towards either of these…

UPDATE1: Added films from the full frightfest timetable. Looking back over the listings, this looks like one of the best lineups at the festival in years.
UPDATE2: Added a newer Big Bad Wolves spot and a trailer for I Spit On You Grave 2 sourced by Atari from the Frightfest forums.
UPDATE3: Added trailers for Banshee Chapter and Haunter.

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