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Attack Magazine 10 Best Digital Synths 2015

A Teenage Instruments Pocket Operator
One of the beautiful Pocket Operators and thumbs from Attack Magazine

It looks like Maker culture took off big-style this year, with a set of great digital synth kits out, and the new Roland Aira/System series looking lush. Take a look at a nice rundown of the top 10 digital units over at Attack Magazine :).

808 A Documentary


Sometime near the beginning of August the surprisingly versatile culture blog, Loose Lips, hooked me up with a screener of 808, the documentary from Arthur Baker, looking at the Roland TR-808. Full of unexpected talking heads and computer love, it is definitely worth checking out if you have the chance.

Here is a little steganographic review of 808 extracted from my neural noise.

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 Released

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x0009 cover
TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 cover

TEFOSAV have released the latest compilation, the TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 with a field recording theme. The album contains great electronica tracks from current TEFOSAVians and members of the We Are The Music Makers forum.