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Attack Magazine 10 Best Digital Synths 2015

A Teenage Instruments Pocket Operator
One of the beautiful Pocket Operators and thumbs from Attack Magazine

It looks like Maker culture took off big-style this year, with a set of great digital synth kits out, and the new Roland Aira/System series looking lush. Take a look at a nice rundown of the top 10 digital units over at Attack Magazine :).

808 A Documentary


Sometime near the beginning of August the surprisingly versatile culture blog, Loose Lips, hooked me up with a screener of 808, the documentary from Arthur Baker, looking at the Roland TR-808. Full of unexpected talking heads and computer love, it is definitely worth checking out if you have the chance.

Here is a little steganographic review of 808 extracted from my neural noise.

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 Released

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x0009 cover
TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 cover

TEFOSAV have released the latest compilation, the TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0009 with a field recording theme. The album contains great electronica tracks from current TEFOSAVians and members of the We Are The Music Makers forum.

Punk Rock Enforced By Law

Years ago, in the Pre-Torrent age there was an amazing piece in the Baffler from the record producer Steve Albini who ran some numbers showing how a band can sell hundreds of thousands of records but not make any money for themselves. We now find ourselves in the Post-Torrent age where the nominal cost of production and distribution of music is asymptotically approaching zero and competition for eyeballs and ears is so stiff that the current crop of musicians are matched against their peers and every other medium floating in our cultural soup. Rocknerd have posted an interesting piece framing the current trend of Creative Destruction here.