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Punk Rock Enforced By Law

Years ago, in the Pre-Torrent age there was an amazing piece in the Baffler from the record producer Steve Albini who ran some numbers showing how a band can sell hundreds of thousands of records but not make any money for themselves. We now find ourselves in the Post-Torrent age where the nominal cost of production and distribution of music is asymptotically approaching zero and competition for eyeballs and ears is so stiff that the current crop of musicians are matched against their peers and every other medium floating in our cultural soup. Rocknerd have posted an interesting piece framing the current trend of Creative Destruction here.

Amazon Launches AutoRip Service

Amazon have a new AutoRip service which allows you to download 256k MP3s of any eligible music you bought from Amazon. I woke up this morning, and all the music from CD/Vinyl I’ve bought from them for the last few years is now available in their CloudPlayer.

Its an interesting service, and you can import up to 250 songs bought outside of Amazon for free (anything more than that costs $24-ish a year) as well as anything bought through Amazon is automatically added to the CloudPlayer without extra charge. Its going to be interesting to see how this fares against Rdio and Spotify.

Queens Of The Stone Age Release …Like Clockwork

Finally listened to the new Queens of the Stone Age release “…Like Clockwork” and I have to say its pretty special. The tracks aren’t as catchy as on “Songs for the Deaf”, but it has the feel that it could be their “Dark Side of The Moon”.

Amazing dynamic range in the tracks, amazing production. Has extra work from amongst others Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Elton John (who apparently phoned Josh Homme and told him he “needed an actual queen on the record!”) There isn’t a track on the album that feels like filler, i’m sure this is one of those albums that people will still be playing in thirty years time.

Immense, lush, haunting, have it on rdio but going to buy myself an actual copy to own it. Strongly recommend.