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Pandoras Promise The Movie

It looks likely at the moment that Nuclear power is our future as wind-power/tidal/solar aren’t going to cut it as a replacement for fossil fuels without having some un-expected side effects in our environment. Check out what the Norwegians are doing here. Thorium has some interesting properties which make it more likely that it will be used as the go-to fuel of choice in the future, there is a nice article on Wikipedia which covers the important points.

My only worry is that the output of the reactor will still contain radioactive Uranium233 and some Uranium232 (U232 kicks out hard gamma radiation) as a result of the Thorium fuel cycle, so there is still a problem if waste makes it into the environment. There exists the possibility that certain governments may turn a blind eye to sub-standard waste sintering/disposal from large companies that end up running Thorium reactors.

Homeopath sues blogger after Cancer patient dies

Originally tweeted by Ben Goldacre, a cancer patient that was seeing a homeopath who claimed they would cure them suffered metastasis and a terminal prognosis and posted an open letter online. The homeopath took it quite badly and is attempting to get a blogger that posted about the aftermath to take down any links to the case. The original post by the patient can be found here. Have a read of the case here: