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My Own Private Audit Trail…

When I was a child I felt that I had a mind like a steel trap, any fact that made it through my conscious barrier would be there forever. I took no photos since my memory would suffice, and taking photos was too invasive anyway… As I grew older I realised that rather like someone suggesting that 640 KB would be enough memory for anyone my younger self had failed to comprehend the sheer amount of data that would pass through my grey matter during my working life. As a computer professional I can honestly say that I have not stopped learning since I was even younger than the young self above, with new code, facts, problems and processes presenting themselves quite literally every day.

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TaskFactory Update Q2-2012

The last three months have streamed through my fingers like the finest Saharan sand, so finding myself at quarters end it is time again for my TaskFactory update. The last few months have been blown out with the reboot of TEFOSAV and an imminent release of new electronic music for thy delectation. A new task has been spat out by the manufactory urging towards completion.

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