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World War Z @The Lounge

So World War Z… a brief review; a handful of amazing set pieces but nothing much like the book. Unfortunately again spoilt by the trailer which gives away too much, its a nice interpretation of zombie infection, but the film has a weird ending and finishes up a bit mediocre with some outstanding scenes.

More impressed with The Lounge that we saw the film at. It was during the day so we were the only ones in the cinema, really nice setup with ace seats and someone to come and serve you food at your chair. I imagine the cost of running the place is quite high and the ticket price isn’t so much more than normal so they must be relying on extra food sales and filling the small lounges on weekends. Its an interesting experiment for Odeon and it will be good to see if the value-added proposition makes them any profit in the long term.

The importance of data backup…

I’ve been pretty aggressive about backing up data, labelling things and having off-site backup etc. Unfortunately it looks like I lost a load of work I did on a flash 3d renderer that I wrote in 2007. The harddrive went down and it looks like somehow I didn’t back up any of it, possibly down to some brain glitch as I was working on the flash script. It looks like everything I did around the same time, including a mix cd that I did some scratching on has vapourised (although a mate of mine Karch might have a copy still, so I should be able to get it back off him…)

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You appear to be liquidating your stock, perhaps you would like to…

After attending post-mortems for various projects and raking over the grist of tasks complete and not so complete, it was easy to see that seemingly obvious problems in hindsight were missed when in the thick of things. After experiencing this a few times it came as no surprise that Game are doing rather badly at the moment considering the rather large Elephants that have taken up residence there, the least of which may be the internet slowly devouring their sales margins with fava beans and a nice Chianti. If I was running Game I would have probably done things differently. So I emailed the CEO, Ian Shepherd, my suggestions for running his large multi-million (at the current time of writing) company… what harm could it do?

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Any home as long as its borked

Our current ConLib government appears to have been smoking ju-ju grass again after creating a fund which will indemnify a 95% mortgage as long as the house is a new build from one of a range of accredited agents including the likely lads otherwise known as Persimmon. After spending a few moments with the matter a number of minor flaws leapt out and cudgelled some unsuspecting innocent bystanders…

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Movements In My Musical Life: Squarepusher

It might be valid to say that I spent a great deal of my teens and twenties obsessed with music. During this time I’ve had the great fortune to fall into discoveries that formatted my brain to make it a much more interesting engine than perhaps it would have been without the exposure. There was something alien about music growing up which turned it into a puzzle I had to solve (I had an idea as a teen of using a computer to automatically generate Stock-Aitken and Waterman singles, without the wherewithal to accomplish it, which in hindsight is probably a good thing…) My dad brought one of these bad boys, the Music 5000 system for the BBC Model B, home from work, and at the time it was like seeing the future delivered on a golden chariot to your front door. One of the great regrets of my life was not being able to really play with it to record anything, I was too young at the time to even begin to understand what could be done with it. Years later my degree choice was to some extent a sublimated desire to recreate something I’d encountered as a child, and drove me to a lifetime of interfacing with machines to pull some meaningful output from the experience.

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