Digesting Comics June 2013

I’ve been getting into sourcing floppies recently from the ladies and gentlemen at one of my favourite graphic art emporiums, Mega City Comics. Its difficult to find the time to pick up issues in person, but the wealth of interesting new material being released at the moment makes it worth the effort. Some of my picks…

  • The Manhattan Projects, an alternate history look at the Manhattan Project as cover for more esoteric investigation. Harry Daghlian as an irradiated Schrodinger-being? Check. Albert Einstein as a chainsaw wielding superhero? Check. Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a kranky AI? Check. Interesting story, quirky art, definitely worth checking out.
  • Superior Spiderman, on his deathbed Doctor Octopus manages to swap his mind with Peter Parker’s, and Peter dies in his place. Now Doc Ock is Spiderman, and it turns out he makes a better Spiderman than old Petey. New look at an old character, with Spiderman becoming a fully paid up member of the Avengers at some point…
  • America’s Got Powers, Jonathan Ross’ take on Reality TV and superhumans. It’s release schedule is all over the place as Brian Hitch and Ross are a little slack with completing issues, but those that have hit the shelves are worth the wait.
  • The Walking Dead, the long running zombie survival epic. Bleak but insanely addictive.
  • BPRD, the Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense, a spin-off from Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series. Currently running through an intense apocalyptic storyline sans Hellboy himself. If you’re into survival horror with giant monsters, you may like this.

There are also a few short series that I’ve been impressed with that recently finished their runs. If you get the chance, check out Grant Morrison’s Happy, Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads: Alphabet To Infinity or Mark Millar’s Super Crooks all of which are highly recommended.