Digesting Comics June 2014

First post in almost five months. This year has been super frantic, only barely managed to make it to London ComicCon in May and found myself in comic shops on a few occasions where the confluence of cash plus merchandise allowed me to pick up some great new comics over the last few months…

  • There is a new Warren Ellis scripted Moon Knight series which is around four issues in at the moment. The stories are simple and self contained so you can pick it up any point, with nuanced brooding artwork and a nice Tales Of The Unexpected feel to it. I’m a convert with the new writer and will try and pick up the rest of the run.
  • If I could recommend a single series to start reading it would be Black Science from Image. Sliders meets Time Tunnel meets Lost In Space, with gorgeous artwork and strong characters combine into what could be my single favourite series of the last five to ten years. It is only six issues in at present, with the writer/creator concentrating on fleshing out the cast and turning my expectations inside out on every page.
  • The current BPRD run remains riveting and a go-to read every month.
  • Will Kirby is an up and coming British artist and writer who was on the shortlist for the British Comic Awards in 2012 for the self-published Tuk Tuk. He had a table in Artist Alley at ComicCon last May and mentioned that he will be working on the follow up release shortly. The first issue was beautifully drawn, the story engaging and you can find a short excerpt over at Forbidden Planet.
  • A current guilty pleasure comics-wise has been the Deadpool Complete Collections. The character is a maniac, but the full colour pages hold some of the best superhero art outside of Chris Bachalo’s Generaton-X run with pieces like this double spread…

    …in the collection.

My status: Currently consuming Gabriel Ba’s Daytripper, will return with the results shortly.