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Playing with an Arduino

An Arduino and LCD
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Many moons ago, a young technologist would have perhaps seen the odd sci-fi movie, stared in wonder at a robot of some kind and pondered, “how can I make that?” A short conversation with an elder later, they might have found themselves entrusted with a copy of the Maplin’s catalogue, marvelled at the future hinted at on the cover and leafed through it to be assailed by myriad arcane serial numbers to byzantine artefacts whose purpose could only be guessed. If that young person were very lucky they would have someone to show them at least the first steps on a path towards creating an electronic automaton. The vast majority would however have none of this, as shown by the dearth of Engineers Britain is creating, electronic or otherwise. Fast forward twenty or so years, and the conversation becomes:

Here is an Arduino, contained in this box is everything that you need to know to start creating electronics which could help you understand the world.

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Parallel Programming with Parallels

I’ve been a Microsoft Windows user for a while, and after some mishaps with traditional Windows laptops ended up migrating to running Windows on a Macbook using Bootcamp. Recently some of my hardware was obsoleted on Windows 7 so I decided to go the whole hog and try OSX for my daily needs with Windows running as a virtual machine through Parallels for any programming tasks needing Visual Studio. After using this setup for a few months, I was surprised by how quickly it ran my compiled programs, I wasn’t noticing the difference in responsiveness that I was expecting so I thought I’d benchmark a known problem so I could get a sense of how fast virtualisation actually was…

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