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Et Temptationis Bonum… or How I Discovered a Love for Test Driven Development

…so after many days of furious coding the final feature is completed. The quality assurance team have okay’d the change and a gold release candidate is ready to hit the shops. In the meantime some team members tidy up the code, the final master disk is burnt and sent to fabrication plants in some far off land. A few days later, all is good in the world, you’re sitting on a beach somewhere hot with a Cuban cigar and a mojito when a mustachio’d waiter trots up to your sun lounger carrying an inordinately shiny silver platter with a strangely out of place bakelite phone gently ringing. “For you sir…”

There is a problem, we’ve pressed 100,000 DVDs and all of the characters in the game can no longer rotate to the left…

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