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Punk Rock Enforced By Law

Years ago, in the Pre-Torrent age there was an amazing piece in the Baffler from the record producer Steve Albini who ran some numbers showing how a band can sell hundreds of thousands of records but not make any money for themselves. We now find ourselves in the Post-Torrent age where the nominal cost of production and distribution of music is asymptotically approaching zero and competition for eyeballs and ears is so stiff that the current crop of musicians are matched against their peers and every other medium floating in our cultural soup. Rocknerd have posted an interesting piece framing the current trend of Creative Destruction here.

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x0001 is GO!

Its been a bit quiet here of late with Frightfest and a variety of ideas slowly cooking at the same time. I should have some more time to update the site now one of the projects is ready for the light of day…

Check out the TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x0001 release on Bandcamp. Its the first TEFOSAV release for around five years. I submitted a remix under the nom-de-guerre FuncRand(m) and it has been a pleasure to work on.

Bloc.2012, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Queues

It was the afternoon in London and the excitement was palpable. Amongst the besuited office workers winding their slow way home on the DLR were a smattering of ravers humming with anticipation at the prospect of a night of booze, electronics and disco biscuits. That smattering grew to a deluge, as ravers started pouring through Bank and the DLR to be dumped outside The London Pleasure Gardens for Bloc Weekend 2012. The afternoon started well, but culminated in the Bloc.2012 festival being closed, the Police being called in to evacuate people from the site and talk of recrimination and bankruptcy.

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