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Movements In My Musical Life: Squarepusher

It might be valid to say that I spent a great deal of my teens and twenties obsessed with music. During this time I’ve had the great fortune to fall into discoveries that formatted my brain to make it a much more interesting engine than perhaps it would have been without the exposure. There was something alien about music growing up which turned it into a puzzle I had to solve (I had an idea as a teen of using a computer to automatically generate Stock-Aitken and Waterman singles, without the wherewithal to accomplish it, which in hindsight is probably a good thing…) My dad brought one of these bad boys, the Music 5000 system for the BBC Model B, home from work, and at the time it was like seeing the future delivered on a golden chariot to your front door. One of the great regrets of my life was not being able to really play with it to record anything, I was too young at the time to even begin to understand what could be done with it. Years later my degree choice was to some extent a sublimated desire to recreate something I’d encountered as a child, and drove me to a lifetime of interfacing with machines to pull some meaningful output from the experience.

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