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Setting up Hg on a Windows machine… Part 2

I thought I’d look at securing Hg through Abyss, turning on pushing and pulling through security and what it takes to sort out a backup.  I wanted to look at CVS and SVN which I’ll leave for another time.

This post is the second part, to see the first part go here.

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Setting up Hg on a Windows machine… Part 1

Like most programmers I have a workflow that allows me to type code at one end, and a seamless, bugfree application will pop out of the other ;).  Some part of the workflow invariably involves the use of Source Control Software, which at a minimum allows me to store away a versioned list of work so if something untoward should happen to my workstation my code and resources are at least retrievable in one form or another.

Over the years I have used many Source Control systems, the most recent CVS/SVN, and have issues with most of them (a subject of another blog…) but in 2010 a tool forced its way into my workflow… Mercurial (Hg).  This is part one of my adventure in getting this running on windows.

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