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CcommD II

Back in the olden days of the interweb TEFOSAV used to release compilation CD and digital releases on mp3.com. The releases have disappeared, but some archived CDs have been surfacing and TEFOSAV will be releasing them as free downloads as they appear. CcommD II has been sourced and put up for your listening pleasure.

TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0001 is GO!

Its been a bit quiet here of late with Frightfest and a variety of ideas slowly cooking at the same time. I should have some more time to update the site now one of the projects is ready for the light of day…

Check out the TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0×0001 release on Bandcamp. Its the first TEFOSAV release for around five years. I submitted a remix under the nom-de-guerre FuncRand(m) and it has been a pleasure to work on.