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eMagic Unitor8 and Windows XP

Originally posted over at TEFOSAV

How big a MIDI chain is too big a MIDI chain? If after chaining a set of instruments together you can play a note, go away get a cup of tea, and come back to hear the note being played on the last instrument in the chain it may be a tad long. At this point you probably want to be able to send a signal to all of your instruments in parallel, and this is where the Unitor8 comes in… its an 8in 8out MIDI box which supports SMPTE timecode and connects to a MAC or Windows PC via firewire or USB. The company that made the Unitor8, eMagic was absorbed into Apple and no longer supports the Unitor8 for Windows.

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Setting Up MediaWiki On A Windows Machine… Part 1

Have you ever encountered this; You’ve spent some time analysing a problem or investigating an issue and want the process you took or the results of the analysis available in a searchable form at a later date. You might have initially saved the input/output of your work in a series of text files which have grown over time making it more difficult to find a specific piece of information and/or increased the workload for backing up your data? Perhaps its time you installed a Wiki.

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