TaskFactory Update Q2-2012

The last three months have streamed through my fingers like the finest Saharan sand, so finding myself at quarters end it is time again for my TaskFactory update. The last few months have been blown out with the reboot of TEFOSAV and an imminent release of new electronic music for thy delectation. A new task has been spat out by the manufactory urging towards completion.

The second quarter of the year is complete, time for a swift re-cap…

  • Complete first issue of “FastFoodCyberNation” comic.Finding an artist for this is more difficult than it should be, will be booting up to draw this myself shortly.
  • Complete iPhone Rhythm Action proof-of-concept. Still 70% complete, waylaid by other things… but it looks like some time for this may yet be found.
  • Complete Newton Scale iPhone app.
  • Complete ShapeJam iPhone/iPad app.
  • Complete editing and animation on “Sorry”.
  • Learn Russian.
  • Complete reading Sci-Fi Masterworks series. Series 68.4931507% complete. Just completed Pavane by Keith Roberts, an interesting look at a world where Elizabeth the First was assassinated by the bullet of a Catholic zealot and the Spanish Armada had landed and taken London. Worth reading if you get the chance. At the current rate by the end of Q4 i’ll be 80% of the way through the series, not quite my target, but still pretty decent.
  • Get Black Belt in JKD. Brown Belt 1 GET! Unlikely to be a black belt by years end, but stand a chance of getting Brown Belt 2.
  • Complete DVD and Vinyl back-up (my procrastination task for the previous 6 months…) DVDs done, boxed and prepared for the loftspace… vinyl currently at 70% complete, in the process of pulling out the code that I created to help me with the vinyl backup and meta-tagging, should get more of this done shortly.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001. TEFOSAV has been rebooted, and we’re generating remixes and an interesting application to go along with it… This should be completed shortly.

3nd Quarter, bring it, lets see what you have.