TaskFactory Update Q2-2013

Second quarter has flown by, three months lost to the past. Time to have a look at my attempts to get something rinsed out of it.

That was the quarter that was. Managed to complete a load of tasks which weren’t listed here, lots of coding and film review posts completed but not much music or other things. What can be done during the following quarter? Perhaps a few more things.

  • Complete four track EP. Was looking to get a new EP out in the first half of this year, but spent the time writing blog posts and had an incredible workload instead.
  • Complete Album. Looking to get a new album worth of material complete by EOY.
  • Complete first issue of “FastFoodCyberNation” comic. Work on this has begun.
  • Complete iPhone Rhythm Action proof-of-concept. 70% complete… I really need to get on the case with this.
  • Complete Newton Scale iPhone app.
  • Complete editing and animation on “Sorry”.
  • Learn Russian.
  • Complete reading Sci-Fi Masterworks series. Series 100% complete. Amazed by some of the books I missed out before completing this reading list… I’ll write a blog post about it shortly.
  • Get Brown 2 Belt in JKD. Brown Belt 2 GET! Really pleased with this, and training for my next grading.
  • Get Black Belt in JKD.
  • Vinyl back-up (my procrastination task) Vinyl currently at 70% complete.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001 Vid Player.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0005, the Valentine edition. Unfortunately couldn’t generate enough interest to get this compilation out. Its on the back burner for next year.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0006, the collaboration projects.Trying to get this sorted out by August.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0007, the rescore project.Have the section of film, will be sorting this out by August.

Onwards and upwards, Q3 lets see what you have!

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