TaskFactory Update Q3-2012

Another three months down, entropy is continuing apace. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. TEFOSAV and some work related topics have been eating my hours over the last three months. Some things done, more things added, at least I’ll have something to show for it…

The third quarter is complete, time for a swift re-cap…

  • Complete first issue of “FastFoodCyberNation” comic.Getting a bit silly, but can’t find an artist, so will be drawing this myself.
  • Complete iPhone Rhythm Action proof-of-concept. Still 70% complete, Its my next project to come out of hibernation so should be something there soon.
  • Complete Newton Scale iPhone app.
  • Complete ShapeJam iPhone/iPad app.
  • Complete editing and animation on “Sorry”.
  • Learn Russian.
  • Complete reading Sci-Fi Masterworks series. Series 75.3424658% complete. Just completed Now Wait For Last Year by Philip K. Dick, an interesting look at narcosis and time travel. Makes me think of the game Mage, with a lot of the strange effects being explained away in one way or another. At the current rate by the end of Q4 i’ll be 82% of the way through the series, not quite there but not too bad.
  • Get Black Belt in JKD. Brown Belt 1 GET! Unlikely to be a black belt by years end, but stand a chance of getting Brown Belt 2.
  • Complete DVD and Vinyl back-up (my procrastination task for the previous 6 months…) DVDs done, boxed and prepared for the loftspace… vinyl currently at 70% complete.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001. Completed the music project, which can be found here TAP 0x0001
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001 Vid Player. Working on this at the moment, should have something to show for it shortly.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0002. The second aggregator project should be available for DL shortly. Check out TEFOSAV at the end of October for more information.

The 4th Quarter is upon us, with tales of Mayans and asteroids. I’m expecting a sedate December followed by an even more sedate January…