TaskFactory Update Q4-2012

That was the year that was. Another year down, how did the Taskfactory for 2012 do? Lets have a look.

The fourth quarter complete, whats been done and left undone…

  • Complete first issue of “FastFoodCyberNation” comic. Completed the scripts an age ago… and now working with an artist! Will have something to show for the glacial pace of work on this.
  • Complete iPhone Rhythm Action proof-of-concept. Still 70% complete, and its remained like this for the entire year. It will shortly come out of hibernation.
  • Complete Newton Scale iPhone app. Want to find the time to work on this, only an idea at present, but could be really good.
  • Complete ShapeJam iPhone/iPad app. Not sure that this project will ever see the light of day unfortunately. I’ll have to dink this one :(.
  • Complete editing and animation on “Sorry”. No work on this over the last year, will pick this up in the new year.
  • Learn Russian.Will be picking this up shortly.
  • Complete reading Sci-Fi Masterworks series. Series 84.9315068% complete. Just completed War Of The Worlds by H. G. Wells, absolutely stunning Victorian take on the invasion of the South East of Britain by a much more advanced civilisation. I remembered only vague parts of this after reading it when I was eight or nine years old, and its definitely something that I needed to revisit when I was older. Glad I managed to find the time to read this again. Slightly ahead of where I expected to be in terms of completing the series by the end of the year, at this rate I should have this done by Q2-2013.
  • Get Black Belt in JKD. Managed to make Brown Belt 1 near the beginning of the year, will be training for my Brown 2 and Black Belt over this coming year :).
  • Complete DVD backup. My DVDs are now boxed and in storage, with everything bought from now on from digital purveyors only. No more boxes taking up room on my eyeline!
  • Vinyl back-up (my procrastination task) Vinyl currently at 70% complete. I’ll be picking this up again in the new year, a small concerted effort and it should all be sorted :).
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001. Completed the music project, which can be found here TAP 0x0001
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0001 Vid Player. Working on this at the moment, should have something to show for it in the new year.
  • Complete work on the TEFOSAV Aggregator Project 0x0002. Completed the music project, which can be found here TAP 0x0002

Its been a really interesting year in terms of getting things done. It still feels like I’m procrastinating, but there are a set of long running procrastination tasks to grind through and a whole set of music projects which have been completed. Check out the TEFOSAV bandcamp site for what has eaten a huge chunk of the last seven months. Looking forward to rounding off the Sci-Fi Masterworks series in the New Year, hopefully sorting out the first issue of the comic I’ve been planning for a couple of years and to producing some more music.

Well 2013, lets see what you’ve got!