Trying to follow Buckminster Fuller's example in life, one step at a time to bring you brain scrapings for a new millennium.


Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis Collected Works

The last thirty years have seen computer games move from pixellated bats intercepting juddering phosphorescent squares to the hyper-realistic GPU powered content found on the current generation Xbox or Playstation.

No Man's Sky Announced At E3 2014

Hello Games have released more footage of No Man's Sky at E3.

Table Top Plays Settlers Of Catan

I've been playing the Settlers of Catan for a few years now...

Indie Games The Movie

As an ex-non-indie-game maker it's interesting seeing some of this output.

Death Inc On Kickstarter

Some talented ex-Criterion and Media Molecule chaps have gotten together to release something beautiful through Kickstarter.

I'm Not That Bad At Ikaruga...

Ace piece in The EDGE highlighting a #firstworldproblem I’ve encountered playing Ikaruga on a new HDTV: Link to EDGE Online.