Trying to follow Buckminster Fuller's example in life, one step at a time to bring you brain scrapings for a new millennium.


Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis Collected Works

The last thirty years have seen computer games move from pixellated bats intercepting juddering phosphorescent squares to the hyper-realistic GPU powered content found on the current generation Xbox or Playstation.

Table Top Plays Settlers Of Catan

I've been playing the Settlers of Catan for a few years now...

Indie Games The Movie

As an ex-non-indie-game maker it's interesting seeing some of this output.

Death Inc On Kickstarter

Some talented ex-Criterion and Media Molecule chaps have gotten together to release something beautiful through Kickstarter.

I'm Not That Bad At Ikaruga...

Ace piece in The EDGE highlighting a #firstworldproblem I’ve encountered playing Ikaruga on a new HDTV: Link to EDGE Online.