Trying to follow Buckminster Fuller's example in life, one step at a time to bring you brain scrapings for a new millennium.


Haiku Revu: Cheap Thrills

My Haiku Revu of the 2013 thriller/dark comedy Cheap Thrills

Maudlin money makes,
Birthday box bought by bribery,
Fallow for friendship

P'tit Quinquin

Loose Lips, have just put up my review of Dumont's "P'tit Quinquin".c

808 A Documentary

Sometime near the beginning of August the surprisingly versatile culture blog, Loose Lips, hooked me up with a screener of 808, the documentary from Arthur Baker...

Haiku Revu: You're Next

My Haiku Revu of the 2013 thriller, You're Next:

Family repast,
With a dash of bloody gore,
No soup for you, Zee.

Mr Show Ep 1

I've never seen Mr Show before. Now I have, and now you can too.

Star Wars Force Awakens Teaser #2

The new teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens...

Der Samurai

I managed to get my hands on a preview copy of the strangely sublime Der Samurai...

Frightfest 2014 Trailer Boss Attack - Main Screen Films

As the sun rose on a muggy June morning and the horror loving inhabitants of the Frightfest queue started packing their various portable lawn chairs and polyester sleeping bags away, a sombre and tired figure shambled his way zombie-like into the morass of yawning bodies.

Frightfest 2013: A Glorious Send-Off

It may seem incongruous, but reclining over sun-kissed sand whilst an azure sea fizzed across my slowly tanning feet was a good place to cogitate on the horror film festival that was Frightfest 2013

Haiku Revu: Wither

My Haiku Revu of Wither:

Please check family for,
Black vomit, rolling eyes, sharp bite,
If found; run very fast

Haiku Revu: Frankenstein's Army

My Haiku Revu of Frankenstein's Army.

Recon squad confronts,
A Nazi Midnight Meat Massacre,
More Than One Head Lost.
Spoilers incoming...

47 Ronins Trailer

Looks like 47 Ronins is about to hit...

A Little Superhero Hangover

A little video from our Gallic cousins showing the aftermath of a party...

10 Films You May Not Have Seen From Edgar Wright

10 pretty decent films from Edgar Wright courtesy of Total Film...

Oldboy Remake Trailer

Looks like they have remade Oldboy...

A Boy And His Dog Trailer

A very odd old film based on a book by Harlan Ellison.

Tatami Galaxy trailer

Currently working my way through the first season of the Tatami Galaxy anime series...

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Trailer

My current favourite Anime TV series, Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex, shares the same characters as the Ghost In The Shell Manga but warped through a Heisenberg uncertainty filter...

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity Trailer

Alfonso Cuaron who brought us the decidedly grimy Children Of Men surfaces a paean to agoraphobia...

Frightfest 2013 Trailer Boss Attack

Frightfest is here again, with its 14th incarnation, Frightfest 2013!

009 Re: Cyborg Trailer

New trailer from the guys that worked on Stand Alone Complex.

Silicon Bootdrive Short

Check out this short called Silicon Bootdrive which some of the guys that are working with Production I.G. have put together.

Pandoras Promise The Movie

It looks likely at the moment that Nuclear power is our future as wind-power/tidal/solar aren't going to cut it as a replacement for fossil fuels without having some un-expected side effects in our environment.

World War Z @The Lounge

So World War Z... a brief review; a handful of amazing set pieces but nothing much like the book...

Haiku Revu: Tulpa

My haiku review of Tulpa:

"Laughter medicine,
Stat!" said the new director,
in Giallo writ small.

Haiku Revu: The Possession

My haiku review of The Possession:

"Box contains small parts",
Hebrew label reads, parent
Spidey sense faulty.

Haiku Revu: Outpost - Black Sun

My haiku review of Outpost - Black Sun:

If zombie nazis,
Are nuked from orbit, would we
Notice or feign care?

Hard Ticket To Hawaii... WTF.

From Hard Ticket To Hawaii... not sure what I just saw...

Haiku Revu: Maniac

My Haiku Revu of Maniac.

Thumping soundtrack binds,
Large eyed merciless stalker,
To a neon nightmare.

Knights Of Badassdom

Ok, so I will be watching this film at some stage...

Haiku Revu: Grabbers

My haiku review of Grabbers.

Only Ireland's
Children, can defeat space men
by their last orders

Haiku Revu: V/H/S

My haiku review of V/H/S:

five house breakers and,
A long dead man in a chair?
Horror film engage!

Haiku Revu: Cockneys vs Zombies

My haiku review of Cockneys Vs Zombies:

Zombie Destruction,
via the grey senescent,
and their TV heirs.

Haiku Revu: Stitches

My haiku review of Stitches:

What is so fearsome,
Of a painted sad faced clown,
that can never die.

Haiku Revu: After

Our haiku review of After:

They met on the bus,
But where did the humans go?
Black fog is dodgy

Haiku Revu: Sleep Tight

My haiku review of Sleep Tight:

Catalan concierge
Makes unhappy bedfellow
But adept stalker.
The rest of this review might contain SPOILERS... just go and watch this film now, then come back and read the review. You really won't regret it.

Haiku Revu: Berberian Sound Studio

My haiku review of Berberian Sound Studio:

Gibbering Goblins
Trap foley artist lost soul
Mashing ripe melons.

Haiku Revu: [REC] 3 Genesis

Our haiku review of [REC]3: Genesis:

Guest bitten by dog,
Evil virus spreads too quickly,
Will chainsaw help us?

Haiku Revu: Sinister

Our haiku review of Sinister:

Family moved house,
Spooky movies found in the attic,
This will not end well.

Haiku Revu: The Seasoning House

My haiku review of The Seasoning House:

Broken ears protect,
Stole girl to slave existence,
Ready for revenge.

Frightfest 2012: A Tardy Review

Every year since 2000, London during the August bank holiday has been home to a festival of blood and gore as some of the best horror movies of the past and present have been shown at Frightfest.

Frightfest 2012 Preview

Tickets for Frightfest 2012 are now on sale, and the list of films has been announced. This year sees the festival in the Empire cinema on Leicester square spread over three screens, with a Rediscovery screen showing some old classics, the Discovery screen for breakthrough films and the Main screen beaming the year's horror highlights direct into the neo-cortex of the attending midnight movie maniacs.

Haiku Revu: Prometheus

My haiku review of Prometheus:

Director finds god,
contained in human genome,
ruins film in process
Warning, SPOILERS. Also, wtf.

Haiku Revu: Happiness of the Katakuris

My haiku review of The Happiness of the Katakuris.

Inverted Von Trapp,
Building a dream together,
Serenading bones
Haiku Revu: I Saw The Devil

My haiku review of I Saw The Devil.

Forces immovable nut,
Swift carnage ensues
Haiku Revu: DeadHeads

My haiku review of DeadHeads.

I'm talking zombie,
Running from the man and chomp,
More pathos silent
Haiku Revu: Martin

My haiku review of George A Romero’s Martin.

Man in a white suit,
Vampire Boy in a worn town,
Fast Kill Him With Fire!