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Installing Google Play on your Amazon Fire Tablet

I've been looking for a nice, cheap tablet which I could use in kiosk mode, and give out at Comic Cons to folks who might be interested in the biweekly comics newsletter I've been writing.

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings… Part 3

Onwards, ever onwards to Part 3 of a collection of musings, spurred on from completing a Kickstarter project for a new Indie comic, BaadFood (which today, you can purchase as a physical copy on Etsy, or digitally through ComiXology...

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings… Part 2

Here then, lies Part 2, of a collection of musings, spurred on from completing a Kickstarter project for a new Indie comic, BaadFood (which today, you can purchase as a physical copy on Etsy, or digitally through ComiXology...

BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings... Part 1

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail" was the mantra which slowly burrowed its way through my subconscious with the horse power of a Eurotunnel excavator...

Shai Rosenfeld's Concurrency vs Parallel Talk At Scaleconf 2014

A quick look at various concurrency/parallel patterns in use at the moment from Shai Rosenfeld...

Mighty Ohm Geiger Counter Build

I've been meaning to solder up the Mighty Ohm Geiger Counter Kit</a> for a while. It was sitting on my desk forlorn and unused, and I had a couple of hours free just before Christmas to try it out.

Playing with an Arduino

Many moons ago, a young technologist would have perhaps seen the odd sci-fi movie, stared in wonder at a robot of some kind and pondered, "how can I make that?" A short conversation with an elder later, they might have found themselves entrusted with a copy of the Maplin's catalogue, marvelled at the future hinted at on the cover and leafed through it to be assailed by myriad arcane serial numbers to byzantine artefacts whose purpose could only be guessed...

Artists Who Get Paid Don't Truly Care About The Project

Strange thoughts courtesy of Jeremy Holt a while ago that started a conversation centred on whether paying comic artists upfront for a project would actually reduce their commitment to said project.

Kids, Computers and a Worrisome Trend

It has been an enlightening experience growing up in Britain during the Information Revolution...

Procrastinating With Objective-C

One of my TaskFactory procrastination tasks over the last few years involved digitising my small pool of CDs and vinyl and pulling the resulting tracks into iTunes.

How I Discovered A Love For Test Driven Development... Part 3

In previous posts we have concentrated on creating our first unit test. Today we'll look at a simple Dependency Injection example in C# and why this allows us to create better testable code.

How I Discovered A Love For Test Driven Development... Part 2

In a previous post we covered an introduction to Test Driven Development. In brief it is a process by which a programmer can create simple, automated tests which capture application logic and allow for sections of the code to be continually validated.

Et Temptationis Bonum... or How I Discovered a Love for Test Driven Development after many days of furious coding the final feature is completed. The quality assurance team have okay'd the change and a gold release candidate is ready to hit the shops. In the meantime some team members tidy up the code, the final master disk is burnt and sent to fabrication plants in some far off land. A few days later, all is good in the world, you're sitting on a beach somewhere hot with a Cuban cigar and a mojito when a mustachio'd waiter trots up to your sun lounger carrying an inordinately shiny silver platter with a strangely out of place bakelite phone gently ringing. \"For you sir...\"

Parallel Programming with Parallels

I've been a Microsoft Windows user for a while, and after some mishaps with traditional Windows laptops ended up migrating to running Windows on a Macbook using Bootcamp. Recently...

Setting Up MediaWiki on an Apple Mac

After one too many issues with a Hackintosh and a short but painful trip to an Apple store my MediaWiki< Windows installation needed moving across into the unknown realms of OSX.

My Own Private Audit Trail...

When I was a child I felt that I had a mind like a steel trap, any fact that made it through my conscious barrier would be there forever. I took no photos since my memory would suffice, and taking photos was too invasive anyway... As I grew older I realised that rather like someone suggesting that 640 KB would be enough memory for anyone my younger self had failed to comprehend the sheer amount of data that would pass through my grey matter during my working life. As a computer professional I can honestly say that I have not stopped learning since I was even younger than the young self above, with new code, facts, problems and processes presenting themselves quite literally every day.

Setting Up MediaWiki On A Windows Machine... Part 1

Have you ever encountered this; You've spent some time analysing a problem or investigating an issue and want the process you took or the results of the analysis available in a searchable form at a later date...

Micro-blogging is a Unix state of mind

Hello my name is FuncRandm, and I'm a Unix user. Its been a few years since my last dose, and I'm trying to fathom what happened since then.

Setting up Hg on a Windows machine... Part 2

I thought I’d look at securing Hg through Abyss, turning on pushing and pulling through security and what it takes to sort out a backup.  I wanted to look at CVS and SVN which I’ll leave for another time.

Setting up Hg on a Windows machine... Part 1

Like most programmers I have a workflow which allows me to type code at one end, and a seamless, bugfree application will pop out of the other ;).