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Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! Pat Mills

24 May 2021 - Nic Ho Chee

The secret history of the comic which squigeed the fleshy curlicues of my grey crenallated meat computer clean, by one of the original creators and writers at 2000ad. As one of the kids who stopped reading in the 90s, this laid bare both the culture that may have been responsible for the change in direction of the comic and some of the financial pressures which may prevent us seeing future Dredd's, Strontium Dogs, or Rogue Troopers from seasoned artists and writers in the U.K. in the near future.

Mills' rich and varied background/life has given us stories which seem to have longevity and say something about the human condition. He manages to unpack that without delivering the wash of opprobrium I was expecting him to level at some of the following editors, given his legend.

Amused by a record scratching moment mentioned in the book, and absolutely worth the read for someone who grew up consuming the progs in all their pulpy glory.

Pat Mills is active on Twitter as @PatMillsComics, and you can get his output over at the Millsverse.