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Nudge, Thaler & Sunstein

30 May 2021 - Nic Ho Chee

Simple changes and choice architecture can make huge differences in people's behaviour in both good and bad directions.  The authors explain two system thinking, reflective vs automatic, and how the conflict between these systems cause biases which prevent us making the best decisions for ourselves.  This book outlines the idea behind choice architectures, and shows how we may be able to overcome some of the most egregious failure cases without legislating specifically against them, instead tweaking or nudging the choice architecture to get a required outcome.

Reminded of the book as I read a piece by Aisling McCrea about the Death Of Mythos and her suggestion that Evangelical thought about why others might enjoy metal, Dungeons & Dragons and anything spooky might relate to automatic biases. Specifically, about value judgements as to why and how others interact with media and art.

Worth checking out Thaler & Sunstein's book over at Amazon. Sunstein is on Twitter as @CassSunstein and Thaler as @R_Thaler.