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Frightfest 2012 Preview

01 Jul 2012 - Nic Ho Chee

Tickets for Frightfest 2012 are now on sale, and the list of films has been announced. This year sees the festival in the Empire cinema on Leicester square spread over three screens, with a Rediscovery screen showing some old classics, the Discovery screen for breakthrough films and the Main screen beaming the year's horror highlights direct into the neo-cortex of the attending midnight movie maniacs.

With so many films showing over the weekend, selecting a few to watch can be a daunting process. This post aggregates them in BOSS-ATTACK mode to help you make your choice. Please be warned, Frightfest is an 18+ horror film festival, the trailers here are not for the faint-hearted.

The Main Screen

Highlights for me include Grabbers, The Dario Argento Screening, [REC] 3, Berberian Sound Studio and Maniac.


The Seasoning House

At the time of writing, there are no trailers available for this offering from Paul Hyett. The trailer should be available here shortly.

Cockneys vs Zombies

Another flick without a trailer, check here to keep up to date.



Nightbreed the Cabal Cut

Dario Argento Screening

Frightfest will be talking to Dario Argento after a screening of one of his films. Hopefully it will be one of his classics like Suspiria.

Hidden In The Woods


[REC] 3 Genesis


Ross Noble will be acting in a clown revenge movie. No trailers so far, but some information and stills can be found here



Outpost II: Black Sun

Paura 3D

Under The Bed

Unfortunately there isn't much information available at the moment, checkout the imdb link to the film here


There are no trailers available yet for what could be a brutal journey into underground vice and sex clubs. Check out some stills here



The Thompsons

The Short Film Showcase and Andy Nyman's Quiz From Hell 3

Andy Nyman returns with the third instalment of his devilishly hard quiz, preceded by horror themed short films from around the world. This is one of the best seats of the weekend, don't miss it!

Sleep Tight

Berberian Sound Studio

The film follows a sound designer entering the world of foley for horror, check out a clip here.


Dead Sushi


American Mary



A serial killer takes on an apprentice, check out the trailer here.


Tower Block

Some people have to fight their way out of a British 60s highrise. No trailer available yet, the imdb page can be found here.

The Discovery Screen

Frightfest's second screen is showing some amazing breakout movies this year, including what looks to be my favourite, Kill Zombies.

Guinea Pigs

Human testing gone horribly awry, check out the trailer here

The Victim

The Elevator

A Night Of Nightmares

No trailer available for an indie music backed stalker chiller, check out a synopsis and stills here.

Sawney: Flesh of Man

Errors Of The Human Body

May I Kill U

Zombibi aka Kill Zombies

Nightmare Factory

A documentary on horror film-making, definitely worth checking out. Have a look at the trailer here.

Before Dawn


Quoted as this years "The Divide", there are no trailers at present for this post apocalyptic survival horror flick. Check out some information and stills here.

Wrong Turn 4


We Are The Night

The Inside


The Rediscovery Screen

Showing some old classics like The Devil Rides out and some you may have missed like The Arrival of Wang, the third screen at Frighfest is worth a visit.


The Arrival Of Wang


The Mummy's Shroud

Rasputin The Mad Monk

The Devil Rides Out

The Bride Of Frankenstein

Make thy choice brave adventurer.