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Haiku Revu: After

11 Apr 2013 - Nic Ho Chee

Our haiku review of After:

They met on the bus,
But where did the humans go?
Black fog is dodgy

A classic story; boy meets girl on bus, girl spurns boy, girl and boy end up the only inhabitants in a version of reality which is swiftly shrinking in size. Strange creatures try to eat their faces. What could possibly be happening here....

Originally screened during one of the final Monday morning slots of Frightfest 2012, we caught this as an aperitif before the Sam Raimi produced Possession flick later on in the evening. We found ourselves not particularly impressed with After. The main actor and actress were likeable and engaging but the story seemed a bit tired and predictable.

Not much to say about the film, didn't really gel with me and I would have probably turned this off had it been on DVD. I'd give this a disappointed two thumbs down, avoid….

Thanks to my other half for the haiku.