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Frightfest 2013 Trailer Boss Attack

29 Jun 2013 - Nic Ho Chee

Frightfest is here again, with its 14th incarnation, Frightfest 2013! For your delectation are the films for this years festival in full Boss-Attack mode with attached trailers and extra information where available. From the film list, it looks like its going to be a good batch of movies!

Some forewarning, Frightfest is a horror movie festival, the trailers are full of gore and plenty of spoilers... don't watch if you aren't inclined towards either of these...

UPDATE1: Added films from the full frightfest timetable. Looking back over the listings, this looks like one of the best lineups at the festival in years. UPDATE2: Added a newer Big Bad Wolves spot and a trailer for I Spit On You Grave 2 sourced by Atari from the Frightfest forums. UPDATE3: Added trailers for Banshee Chapter and Haunter.

The Dead 2: India

Opening the festival and following on from the incredible African zombie movie, this time showing the Indian response to the epidemic.

Big Bad Wolves

A revenge movie that goes to 11. Check out the trailer below:

The Banshee Chapter

A found footage movie produced by Zachary Quinto he of Spock and Sylar. The trailer recently came online...

El Desierto

Life in a bunker after the apocalypse from Christoph Biel. No trailers available, will post them up when released.


An office worker goes full steam into the unreal and we get to watch. No trailers as of yet, will post them when they become available. Some information here.

Anti Social

Only recently finished filming, so no trailers as of yet. Fright Bytes recently interviewed one of the producers with some added still shot spoilers of the movie. The piece follows their homage to the Evil Dead...

Para Elisa

I haven't heard much about this film, but it has an interesting look and feel. Check out the trailer...

Curse Of Chucky

The doll is back for more violence.


The interesting juxtaposition between a Mormon missionary and the woman he falls into love with. Watch the trailer here...

I Spit On Your Grave 2

Set in New York this time, no trailers yet, but looks like its going to be another harrowing day for the heroine and an excuse for her to go full mental on another bunch of male cyphers. Really not into the original, unlikely to be watching this.


One man gets trapped in a toilet cubicle during the zombie apocalypse. It looks really fun, but the trailer has a load of spoilers, so don't watch if you want to enjoy the film through untrammelled eyes…

We Are What We Are

A remake of the amazing South American film of the same name. Instead of an Incan cannibal family you have a North American family's take on the same theme.


Vincenzo Natali, the director of Cube and Splice has another premiere at Frightfest. A dead girl haunts the living to prevent more death.

No One Lives

A western flick from Ryuhei Kitamura who created the frenetic Versus and was one half of the Duel project. A couple touring across America go into the wrong bar at the wrong time and all hell breaks loose. Brutal trailer but spoils one of the main conceits of the movie. This looks like it could be pretty good, so please don't watch the trailer if you intend catching this.

The Hypnotist

A young man witnesses a violent crime, a hypnotist can help him unlock clues that will solve it. Whatever could go wrong...

Los Ultimos Dias

The world becomes agoraphobic and falls into ruin. A man in Barcelona was separated from his wife and moves through the city to find her. As unlikely a synopsis as this sounds, the final product looks really impressive. I've been hearing a bit of a buzz from some film heads about this so looking forward to see what the final result is.

Rewind This!

A documentary covering the home movie revolution, with interviews from the Troma guys and the various people who produced the films which made best use of the democratising power of the video tape.

Willow Creek

First person found footage film from Bobcat Goldthwaite. Haven't heard much about this apart from seeing the trailer...

Hatchet III

Its Adam Green, there is a bloke with an axe and its the third film with a similar premise. What more do you need...

V/H/S 2

Another horror anthology bound together from the same house as the first. The original had some good shorts, looking forward to some cool moments in this one. The trailer looks pretty full of spoilers, try and avoid if you want to catch the film.

The Grief Tourist

A man train spots serial killers and his hobby bumps into him.


A Catalan film which shares some DNA with Martyrs as children that can't feel pain are treated with physical suffering during the Spanish Civil War whilst a second modern strand weaves through a man searching for his lost parents.

You're Next

A family is trapped in a large house during a wedding anniversary. A few spoilers in the trailer, avoid if you want the raw experience at the cinema...

Cheap Thrills

Comes at you like a demented Hangover with more believable characters. The buzz about this one is pretty good. One to source if you don't make it to the festival.

Frankenstein's Army

Its the Second World War and a Russian unit stumbles upon one Victor von Frankenstein who as we know worked for the German army at that time. Trailer most definitely has spoilers in it.


Very fun movie, like Men In Black with ghosts instead of aliens. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges are in the lead roles.

Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman

A Chilean Nikita with a female mercenary blazing her way towards a Mr Big mafiosa.

In Fear

Brit movie, not sure what its about… looks like a bloke driving through a dark windswept moor and a ghost hovering behind him. Will have to watch it and see what the hell is going on.

Hammer Of The Gods

Norse fightfest movie, looks painful… full of woad. Some good buzz about this film.

On Tender Hooks

A documentary covering a modern take on the American Indian self impalement medicine ritual with a variety of humans suspending themselves on hooks. Not one for the faint hearted.

Paranormal Diaries: Clop Hill

British found footage film, a documentary investigating sepulchral goings on near some ruins in outer whup whup.

Outpost 3: Rise Of The Spetznatz

No more, please no more… I mean, yay another Outpost movie. I look forward to Outpost 4: Rise Of The SAS and Outpost 5: Rise Of The Home Guard…

The Borderland

Some blokes from the Vatican end up in the West Country. Carry On Camping this is not! No trailers for this, will post when available.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Based on the true story of some missing adventurers in Soviet Russia. In Soviet Russia the Dyatlov Pass walks you!

100 Bloody Acres

Aussie comedy of errors with buckets of blood.

The Conspiracy

Documentary style look at a group of Masons/Bilderbergers.

Dark Touch

Like a twisted Goodies episode, the furniture in a house animates and eviscerates a family leaving a single survivor to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and continue on. Trailer to follow...

Odd Thomas

Willem Dafoe and that one who acted in Frightnight and as Star Trek's Chekov in what looks like a modern take on the Demon Hunter/Van Helsing story. Based on the series by Dean Koontz, and looks like it could be a half decent translation to the silver screen.


A Kickstarter horror movie, you can find out more information and some video footage here.

Sadik 2

French slasher movie that I'm not sure had a Sadik 1. Some friends make a horror movie, and encounter an honest to God slasher maniac.

The Demon's Rook

A boy opens a portal to Hell, some dark stuff happens. He grows up to be a hippie, the demons remain demons.

Cannon Fodder

An Israeli zombie flick... not as fast moving as World War Z, yay!

Hansel & Gretel: The 420 Witch

A witch has a grow-op and Hansel and Gretel try and score off her. I'm pretty sure its not codex Brothers Grimm, but its got more gore in it... Might be a morality tale though, would have to watch it to see.


Adam and Joe, no... not that Adam and Joe... Adam Green and Joe Lynch make a homage to Cable TV and horror in what might actually be a good film.


A Swedish Evil Dead. Nuff said, it demands watching!


Like Enter The Void, but with the central character suffering more (if that seems possible given ETV.)

The American Scream

A documentary that follows obsessive Halloween decorators as they explain their love for the macabre holiday.


A woman has a sexual encounter and picks up something worse than your average herpetic infection. Trailer to follow.

Wake In Fright

Oldie but goodie…


Peter Cushing going off the deep end and an unfortunate crop of sixties women bear the brunt of the fallout...

Fall Of The House Of Usher

Classic grisly Edgar Allan Poe tale from Roger Corman


Amazing film-to-spawn-all-subsequent-vampire films.