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Frightfest 2014 Trailer Boss Attack - Main Screen Films

06 Jul 2014 - Nic Ho Chee

As the sun rose on a muggy June morning and the horror loving inhabitants of the Frightfest queue started packing their various portable lawn chairs and polyester sleeping bags away, a sombre and tired figure shambled his way zombie-like into the morass of yawning bodies. Somehow the being dragged himself from a torpid crypt to thread a black conveyance across the early morning macadam, often repeating a thought that had long become a compulsion… "ticketttsss."

The entity found himself briefly perplexed upon seeing the expected multitude of fellow cinema goers wrapped in a different configuration around Leicester Square. As the coffee that powered him began to course it's way through tired arteries, the random synaptic firings that another time might see him post a snarky comment on twitter resolved into a concrete memory that indeed Frightfest was to be screened at the Vue Leicester Square this year so all was well with the world. After an indeterminate amount of time, the column of people was slowly swallowed by the theatre, and eventually the shape, more caffeine than human, stumbled back into the light, roaring at the brightening sky and waving captured tokens to the gods that would open the illusory gates of hell for another year.

Beware fair creatures, for these are the trailers to the films that this thing with the vaguest shape of a person rose from a moss covered cyclopean sarcophagus to live and breathe a number of months hence. We have enumerated them here so you are forewarned when you encounter it, for this being exists in your midst. Proceed with caution, for the photons and noises that excite it are not for the faint of heart and may contain what the more modern or labile of your species would call "spoilers".

Here for your enjoyment are the Frightfest 2014 trailers. The chaps are showing more films than ever before, and to give the videos a chance to load on mobile devices they are split into Main Screen films and Discovery Screen films. There are a few missing trailer slots which will be filled once the event draws closer. Remember; don't look under the bed...

The Guest

Opening the festival, it has a very strong Night Of The Hunter vibe and is garnering some pretty decent reviews after a SXSW run earlier in the year.


A claustrophobic tale of a girl forced to live in a probably haunted house.


Partying teens, a lake, nightmare beavers. Proper Midnight Movie Madness fare, catch it!

Shockwave Darkside 3D

No trailer as of yet for this film set on the Moon after a plague erupts on Earth. More updates to follow.

The Green Inferno

The Jungle, native inhabitants and city folk in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people might have created Mosquito Coast but Eli Roth has done something in a more horror vein...

The Late Phases

Things that shape shift in the night with nary a Twilighter in sight. A film from Larry Fessenden, no trailer as yet.

Dead Snow 2

The trailer is one big spoiler, so don't watch if you're going to see this. Should be a blast after the first film which was pretty spectacular.

The Last Showing

Robert Englund in a horror flick carved from security camera footage.

All Cheerleaders Die

Cheerleaders, frat boys, witches, revenge. Could be interesting...

Starry Eyes

A film about possession and Hollywood...

The Harvest

In the middle of nowhere, a family is beset by something wielding a chainsaw. This time in France…

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

The follow up to the huge comic book adaptation.

The Babadook

Something wicked emerges from a book… lock the door against the Babadook… but do watch it as it is rumoured to be pretty good.

Life After Beth

Boy loves girl, girl passes away, boy cries, girl comes back from the dead, boy's life becomes complicated.

Among The Living

A French horror movie that follows a group of boys as they stumble across something they shouldn't and that something follows them back to their homes.


A girl is captured by a cult and her parents have to stage an intervention. No trailers yet, but could be a great film.

Open Windows

Elijah Wood is a web master who wins a competition. The prize, to do everything a maniac wants otherwise a starlet dies.


A demonic force stalks a house which a woman finds she has an unfortunate connection to.

The Samurai

Gory slaughter flick with a cross dressing samurai and a curious protagonist.

Stage Fright

Minnie Driver in a horror movie? Does it have '80s music?


Not much information as yet. Something like the Beast of Bodmin Moor needs to be trapped, some Brits decide to do the trapping.


Some adventurous twenty-somethings travel to far off Europe and encounter a dark and ancient being in the water.


No trailers as of yet. A couple make their way across Belgium like a demented Bonny and Clyde.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

A film crew making a Zombie movie encounter real zombies. This is getting really great reviews, check it out if you get the chance.

The Signal

The festival closes this year with a decent sci-fi flick and an interesting premise.