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BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter Musings... Part 1

20 Feb 2018 - Nic Ho Chee

"Failing to plan, is planning to fail" was the mantra which slowly burrowed its way through my subconscious with the horse power of a Eurotunnel excavator. I had been close to getting the final artwork in place to release BaadFood Issue 1 (which today, you can get a physical copy from Etsy if you so please, or digitally through ComiXology and my first Kickstarter campaign was slowly coalescing from digital fragments spread across various devices, spreadsheets, textfiles, images, music and a video which outlined what it was that would be done.

Here captured, across multiple posts, lay varied musings from this completed project which readers may find helpful in running their own Comics based Kickstarter.

From past experience, discovery would be the hardest part of getting something into the hands of any readers. The piece of work which many people had poured time and energy into, was going to be fired into the mindscape of a public which simply wasn’t aware of its existence. It would be easy for it to get lost in a sea already populated by myriad other comics and bright distractions. A crowd sourcing campaign would be a good way of both growing an audience from nothing, whilst also securing the funding needed to close out the artwork and get physical copies printed. The Kickstarter project went well, and we were miraculously funded after the thirty days came to a close.

After submerging myself in a bath of liquid coolant to vent the heat built up by the work required, my synapses were alerted to the realisation that whilst my prototype Kickstarter was successful, there were lots of things that either could have been done better, or could have been avoided entirely. I'm quite certain that were I to run the project a second time I'd have left my ghost car behind as it tried to dig out the Kickstarter font to generate the initial Kickstarter pitch artwork.

To help me better run something next time, the strands running through my Kickstarter notes were pulled together to create something useful for the future. This piece then, and a few that follow, contain an array of points which were specifically useful in getting a Comic funded through Kickstarter. There are three sections overall, for items that should really be done before the Kickstarter begins, items to be done during the Kickstarter funding process, and a few things to do after finishing. The list isn’t exhaustive, these are the things that I wanted to concentrate on, and it is heavily front-loaded. There is a lot of preparation you can do if you want things to run smoothly.

Things to Do Before the Kickstarter Starts… Part 1

This is the first in a number of posts which cover Kickstarter tips and musings which arose off the back of the BaadFood Issue 1 Kickstarter, which you'll be able to find here as they come online... Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.